Lucky Patcher Original Apk Download

Lucky Patcher Original Apk Download

If you are an Android phone addict and used to play games and use many applications then, for one thing, you must have frustrated very often because of the in-app purchases. There are many applications and games which comes with locked levels and features which will unlock when you spend some money.

Lucky Patcher Original Apk

But having Lucky Patcher app on your phone will solve all your problems, and you can enjoy all premium features and levels of any apps or games without any interruptions.

What is lucky patcher?

Lucky Patcher is a hacking tool which is you to by-pass games and applications billing system in very simple steps. Lucky Patcher application helps in cracking most of the android applications and games to access all the premium features. There are premium versions of many games and apps which you enjoy free using the Lucky Patcher hacking tool.

Lucky Patcher allows us to modify various applications in many ways and allow to remove unnecessary ads, remove system applications, modify system apps, modify app permissions, bypass license verification and much more.

Lucky Patcher application requires root access to enjoy all the features of this cracking application. Though you can even access some of the features of Lucky Patcher without root access, to get the full access, you will have to root your phone before installing the app.

Lucky Patcher is a hassle-free hacking tool which requires few steps to hack any application or game and modify its permissions. Lucky Patcher is built in such a way that it bypasses credit checking system of Google Play. Though Lucky Patcher is a hacking tool, it is very safe to for any phone.

Features of lucky patcher?

Lucky Patcher application has many cool features to explore. Lucky Patcher helps the user in many ways and solves many significant problems with just one click. Lucky Patcher applications have many features and benefits mentioned below:

  • Bypass any app in Google Play Store
  • Remove advertisements and banners
  • Application cloning and backup feature
  • Get infinite lifetime access to all premium stuff
  • Stable app modifications and patches
  • Available globally and in different languages
  • Customer Support 24×7
  • App Purchase and Paying for subscription can be hacked within a click
  • Create a modified application in one click
  • Freezes the application which misbehaves
  • Download custom patch without even updating the app
  • Removes license verification from the application
  • Solve incompatible device error of play store by applying a custom patch

Minimum requirements to install lucky patcher?

Before you install the lucky patcher app, make sure that you that your smartphone meets the system requirements. You will be able to use the lucky patcher app only if your phone fulfills all the requirements demands by the lucky patcher app. Here are the minimum requirements to install lucky patcher on your phone.

  • It requires 2 GB of RAM to work properly.
  • It requires 10 GB free space on your phone to work smoothly.
  • It requires the Rooted android phone to access all the features.
  • It will work fine on Android version 2.3.3. or above.

Lucky Patcher also requires some permission from your android phone-

  • Permission to draw over other apps and to modify system settings
  • Permission to read the content of the external memory card
  • Permission to modify or delete the content of the memory card
  • Permission to the approximate location

How to install lucky patcher?

Lucky Patcher is a remarkable hacking tool which will allow you to bypass in-app purchases and removes google ads so that you can enjoy the games and application seamlessly. Since Lucky Patcher is a hacking tool, you will not find it in Google Play Store. Here are the steps for installation of Lucky Patcher application on your phone.

Step 1: First of all you have to download the Lucky Patcher apk file. But it will not install even after you download the Lucky Patcher apk file because of your phone settings. Some phones prevent the installation of an application from unknown sources. Therefore, you will have to enable the ‘install from unknown sources’ from settings to install the apk file of Lucky Patcher.

Step 2: To enable the ‘install from unknown sources’ on your phone, you will have to go to phone settings then to ‘Lock screen and security’ option. There you will film the option to enable the ‘unknown sources’ option.

Step 3: Now open the Lucky Patcher apk file which you have downloaded from your download section in order to install the application.

Step 4: Open the Lucky Patcher apk file and click to install and the installation will start.

Step 5: During the installation process, you will get a pop-up a warning saying ‘blocked by Play Protect’, click on the down arrow, and then you get an option to install anyway, click on the option.

Now wait for sometime for the installation process to complete, it only takes few seconds, and then you are all set to use the Lucky Patcher application.

Different color meanings in lucky patcher app?

Green: It means that the application has big chances to get registered through patching.

Yellow: It indicates that there is custom patch stored in Lucky Patcher or SD Card.

Cyan: It indicates that Google Ads were found in the application.

Magenta: It indicates that the program is on the boot list.

Red: It indicates that the application can probably not be patched to get registered.

Orange: It indicates that it is a system application. Be careful with those!

Last Words-

Many applications and games are becoming famous nowadays, but the only problem many users faces is that they come with in-app purchases and in order to enjoy the fullest the user have to spend hard money to get access to all the premium features. And to solve this problem Lucky Patcher application is available.

Lucky Patcher app allows you to by-pass games and applications billing system in very simple steps. It also helps in removing the additional ads from the games and apps. Lucky Patcher works on almost all Android smartphones starting from android version 2.3.3, and for functioning the Lucky Patcher application correctly, it requires root access. So need to root your phone before installing the app.

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