Best waterproof fitness tracker that swimmer love

Best waterproof fitness tracker that swimmer love

More than just basic step trackers, the best waterproof fitness tracker acts more like a wellness device with 24/7 heart rate monitoring and sleep tracking. If you are a swimmer, then you want a fitness tracker that is waterproof, can track your lap count and swim distance, and is good for all stroke types. You may also want a fitness tracker that has an accurate heart rate monitor with an easy to read display that is customizable.

Based on your individual needs and how active you are, some fitness trackers are suitable for the needs of certain individual while other users prefer a tracker with smartwatch features that allow them to connect with others and share their progress. Fortunately, there is a fitness tracker out there that suits everyone’s needs. Here are a few tips on finding the best swimming tracker for you and a few reviews to help you start shopping.

Having A Waterproof Fitness Tracker Has A Lot Of Advantages Including:

  • Goals – Having goals to work with allows us to have measurable results that we can compare and track.
  • Motivation – Having motivation is really helpful for those swimmers that train on their own and having a set of results from your workout in front of you can help you push to train harder. Plus, it gives you satisfaction in knowing you accomplished something measurable that day.
  • Planning – You won’t need a waterproof fitness tracker if you are just swimming for fun. However, if you have specific goals you want to accomplish, this is a helpful tool to know where you are at so you can plan your future training sessions better.
  • Accountability – For those swimmers that want accurate results that keep you honest, a fitness tracker will hold you accountable. No more lying to yourself about how fast you were going because you were eyeballing an old school pace clock. A swimming fitness tracker will keep you accurate and truthful.
Best rated waterproof fitness tracker that swimmer love

Considerations When Choosing a Swimming Fitness Tracker

  • Budget: Since these nifty pieces of technology vary a lot in price, this latest generation of swimming fitness trackers have a wide variety of features to choose from. Many are available at affordable prices and since many models are on their 2nd and 3rd generation devices, earlier generations are probably more affordable. Just take your time and shop around to find the right one that fits your needs and your budget.
  • Standard or Advanced Metrics: The most common features a fitness tracker will monitor are distance, steps, activity, and calories. Some trackers will even give you a little buzz if you haven’t moved in a while to keep you motivated through the day. With a more advanced fitness tracker, you will also see a GPS feature for more precision in measuring distances. If you are only doing basic activities like running or walking, pretty much any fitness tracker will work. If you are doing more advanced activities like swimming, the elliptical, and mountain climbing, you will need a swimming fitness tracker that can track the data for the sport or activity you do the most.
  • Design: Just like watches, swimming fitness trackers come in a variety of styles, shapes, and sizes. Fitness trackers first started off as unattractive and clunky devices, but over time they have become more attractive and functional. Since a fitness tracker is meant to be worn at all times, you need something that straps comfortably to your wrist, so it’s important to try it out first before you buy it.
  • Display: The display on a waterproof fitness tracker is a personal choice. Some users prefer a display so that they can see their progress through the day. Depending on your preferences, you may want a color display with a set of LED lights. Others prefer not to have a display since they don’t want the distraction of checking it constantly throughout the day, so you will have to depend on your web interface or smartphone to check your progress.
  • User Experience: When it comes to your swimming fitness tracker, you want a seamless user experience. Set up, charging, and data storage should be easy with any technical issues. Does it have a full features touch screen and intuitive interface? Is it more of a minimalistic design that is activated by tapping on it? Some models display information differently than others, so it is important that the interface is attractive and easy to use providing you with the data necessary to live a healthy lifestyle. Having the ability to connect to a website interface or smartphone app will also help you keep track of the information you most want to see.
  • Battery: Recharging or changing the battery is a part of owning a swimming fitness tracker. This can cause you to get a gap in your data as it will stop tracking your activity while it recharges. There can be a large variation in battery life, so it’s important to know how long you should be able to use your tracker before it requires a new battery. Most trackers will give you between four and seven days of normal daily use while others can go up to six months or more. If your tracker has a disposable watch battery, it will last longer, but it will need a replacement battery every few months. On the other hand, rechargeable batteries are made especially for each device and can be easily charged with a standard USB port.
  • GPS: Those fitness trackers that come with built-in GPS will be more expensive than the more basic models. Due to their need for a large enough display and color screen for maps, GPS will be able to provide you with every detail about your training sessions including where you struggled, the type of terrain you covered, and where you moved the fastest. This is a great feature, but only if you really need it. If you hit the gym or cover the same path or trail every day, the GPS features will be more than you need.
  • Heart Rate Monitor: The best fitness tracker with heart rate monitor is able to automatically track your resting heart-rate and can provide you with a history of your heart rate so you can if your readings are changing over time. This type of monitoring is important during training since you want to know what your heart rate is and where it should really be so you can train in the most efficient way to reach your goal. A waterproof heart rate monitor can be used for marathon and triathlon training, so it’s no surprise that they have become standard on fitness devices. Ranging from a 24/7 waterproof heart rate monitor to a waterproof fitness tracker that only monitor your heart during training sessions, remember that the best fitness tracker with heart rate monitor will use chest straps as opposed to those on a wristband.
  • Smart Notifications: More than just a tracking device, many fitness trackers now have smartphone features that will notify you of texts, emails, calls, or social media notification. Others can remind you of calendar appointments and offer contactless payments. If this is an important feature, make sure you choose a tracker that has this type of connectivity that is easy to use and view.
  • Waterproof Fitness Tracker versus Water Resistant Fitness Tracker: A water-resistant watch means they are splash and rain proof, but that does not mean you can swim with them. Waterproof fitness trackers are ideal for swimmers helping them to track your swimming exercises like counting laps. It is also important that the tracker has a waterproof fitness band as well.
  • When choosing a waterproof fitness tracker, you need to check the rating of the watch so you will know how well it is protected from the effects of water. The atmosphere pressure unit, or ATM, will tell you how effective your waterproof fitness tracker is in withstanding the pressure until a specific depth. It is usually recommended to buy a waterproof fitness tracker with a rating of 1 ATM which means it is waterproof for water pressures of ten and more meters (390″).
  • Comfort and Weight: One of the features you want to look for in a swimming fitness tracker is a slim design. This can be very convenient when you are trying to cross the pool with the least amount of resistance and drag as possible. It is important to not only have a comfortable and slim swimming fitness tracker, but the best swimming tracker also needs to be easy to read underwater with a larger display. Some swimmers prefer to wear their watches on an ankle strap or a waterproof fitness band around their head while swimming.

1. Misfit Shine 2 Swimmer Edition


  • Great for swimming or even wear in the shower
  • Doesn’t need recharging
  • Keeps track of workouts and measures running well


  • Alarm isn’t loud enough to wake you up
  • Band isn’t particularly safe to keep on

Constructed of aircraft-grade aluminum, the Misfit shine 2 Swimmer Edition tracks sleep, swim, and everything else you do all day. Leading the industry in accuracy, the Misfit Shine 2 tracks your swim distance and lap count, gives you a timer countdown, and is ideal for all stroke types. With the Misfit shine 2, you can also track distance, calories, steps, and sleep while also receiving text alerts and calls through vibrations alerts.

Misfit Shine 2 Swimmer Edition

The Misfit Shine 2 also features a Smart button that controls household devices that are connected to it as well various IoT devices and services. The Misfit Shine 2 features an LED display that is multicolor and includes replaceable batteries that last up to six months, so it can be worn at all times. New features, including a multicolor LED display helping you to streamline your health and your lifestyle.

2. Fitbit Flex 2


  • Minimal and slim design with a durable bandr
  • Waterproof with great software
  • Vibrations for notifications and alarms are effective


  • Doesn’t have an HR monitor
  • Band is difficult to put on

Available with both a large and small sized band, the Fitbit Flex 2 can track distance, steps, active minutes, and calories burned. It also features a removable tracker that is ultra-thin that you are able to hide in pendants, bands, and bangles. With its swim-proof feature, you can track your swimming movements and not worry about ruining it in the pool, ocean, or shower.

Fitbit Flex 2

The SmartTrack feature can automatically recognize certain workouts to record them to your Fitbit app. Plus, you can get calls and text notifications on your wrist with color-coded LED lights and specific vibrations patterns that can also wake you up with a silent alarm. The Fitbit Flex 2 also automatically tracks how well and long you sleep and the LED display lights up to indicate how much progress you have made towards your daily goal.

3. Moov Now


  • Great value for the price
  • Amazing swimming tackers, easy app set up
  • Slim and lightweight, you barely notice you are wearing it


  • Doesn’t have device error notifications
  • You never know when to turn off the band so it will waste battery life

With a more secure and durable band, the New Moov Now Version 2.0 helps to motivate you towards your goal with a little voice that will tell you how much farther you have to go to your target. Measuring your exact movements, the Moov Now Version 2.0 can analyze them to train you on form and efficiency.

Moov Now

With real-time audio, Moov Now’s training will push you to improve your workouts and increase your workout and fitness experience to the next level. It also includes the free MOOV app with free guided programs in cycling, swimming, running, weight training, and cardio boxing. For the most advanced swim tracking, this waterproof sports watch offers stroke detection allowing you to focus on swimming and not counting laps.

4. TomTom Spark 3 Cardio


  • Accurate heart rate and smooth music
  • Great battery life, you can get over three days on one charge
  • Easy to read display that can be customized


  • The included headphone cut out constantly
  • Complicated to pair the watch and the headphones

With storage up to 500 songs, the TomTom Spark 3 can give you all the musical motivation you want when you are working out. When you need your inspirational playlist, you can listen wirelessly with the included Bluetooth headphones. You also can see real-time metrics such as distance, speed, and pace with just a glance at your wrist.

TomTom Spark 3 Cardio + Music

You can choose between advanced training modes like Race Mode, Training Zones, Interval Training, and Recovery Indicator. You also have the option of using route exploration to help you find your starting point and with 24/7 multisport and activity tracking functionality you can keep track of every active minute of your day. You can also expect your battery to last up to three weeks in non-GPS mode and up to five hours with the GPS and the music on.

5. Polar M400


  • Great waterproof fitness watch for the price
  • Easy to use and has a long lasting battery
  • Comes with an HR chest strap


  • Little on the bulky side, can’t wear with formal or business attire
  • Reminders will stop working after a little while of use

If you want a durable but comfortable running watch, check out the Polar M400. Created for runners with features that include a sporty design with advanced GPS, it can also track and record your running times as well as other exercises so that it can precisely monitor your performance. This social smartwatch can also sync, plan, and share your training session by just connecting the Polar Flow mobile app.

Polar M400

And, to stay moving and motivated, the built-in GPS technology will track your distance, altitude, and pace. This is a waterproof fitness watch so you can keep track of your progress in any type of weather condition. Plus, it is compatible with the H7 Heart Rate sensor to make sure you train at the right intensity and in the right target heart rate zones.

6. Garmin Vivoactive


  • Easy to see display, convenient charging cradle
  • Good connection and battery life
  • GPS automatically turns on when you start a sports activity


  • HR monitor is not built it, it is on the strap
  • Strap isn’t very comfortable and the sleep setting isn’t accurate

This lightweight and ultra-thin smartwatch from Garmin features built-in Garmin sports apps that you can use daily to help you stay healthy. By letting you work smarter and play harder, the Vivoactive lets you live a better lifestyle by staying active with smart notifications so you stay in contact with important work matters. The color touchscreen is high-resolution that is readable when you are in direct sunlight allowing you to see your stats when you are out for a run.

Garmin Vivoactive

This is a comfortable watch with an ultra-thin profile that easily transitions from the office to the track. With the rechargeable battery, the Vivoactive can track your activities with built-in sports apps for up to three weeks or ten hours using GPS. It also conveniently pairs with your smartphone providing a gentle vibration or a display alert for incoming text, calls, and emails.

7. Garmin Vivoactive HR


  • Easy to use and configure
  • Comes with a good number of applications
  • HR monitor correlates well with other machines


  • Gets scratched quickly
  • Interface is not that intuitive

No matter what your sport, the Vivoactive HR is a GPS smartwatch that features Elevate wrist heart rate technology. You can golf, bike, run, swim, and ski using the built-in activity tracker that can also count your steps throughout the day and measure the calories you are burning. The high-resolution touchscreen is easy to read in the sun, so you won’t have any problems seeing it while you are out on your run.

Garmin Vivoactive HR

The Vivoactive HR also features smart notifications like email, text, call, and social media alerts. You can also customize your watch with over 1,300 apps, data fields, watch face designs, and widgets that you can purchase from the Connect IQ store. Plus, your battery will stay charged for up to eight days in watch or activity tracking mode and up to thirteen hours using GPS.

8. Garmin Forerunner 735 XT


  • Lightweight and works well as an everyday watch
  • Includes basic smartwatch features
  • Great apps which make it customizable


  • Third party apps sometimes have problems

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If you want to be a better athlete, you need a running watch that can analyze every stat and monitor your progress every day. The Garmin Forerunner 735 XT has multisport features that include a chest strap, wrist-based heart rate, VO2 max, and advanced running dynamics. Plus you get automatic uploads, smart notifications, and Connect IQ for custom apps and watch faces.

Garmin Forerunner 735XT

This is a lightweight and multisport-capable watch that comes in a traditional and attractive watch shape with a comfortable and soft silicone band. Built-in activities include cycling, running, swimming, hiking, and cardio with a 24/7 Heart rate monitoring system that measures your heart rate all night and day. The Garmin Forerunner also has connection features that include audio prompts, music control, and social media sharing.

9. Apple Watch Series 2


  • Good water resistant watch
  • Lots of apps to choose from making customizable
  • Sensible band that isn’t bulky like some of its competitors


  • Some of the apps don’t sync very well
  • Be careful of sizing, will fall off if too small and the screen will get scratched

With changeable faces and widgets, the Apple Watch Series 2 includes a built-in GPS and S2 dual-core processor, plus Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. This water-resistant watch has Siri integration and a 1.5” display with Ion-X glass, plus a nice band that isn’t too large. The screen will lock while you are swimming, so you only need to raise your wrist to wake it up and view your performance time.

Apple Watch Series 2

If you add a sporty, water-friendly strap to the Apple Watch Series 2, it becomes more comfortable to wear in the pool, plus it has an OLED Retina display that is two times brighter and features Force Touch so you can easily see it under water. This waterproof sports watch comes with an accelerometer, direct fire speaker, heart rate sensor, microphone, and gyroscope. Since it’s an Apple product, it comes with lots of apps to choose from making it easy to customize, plus you get up to eighteen hours of battery life.

10. Garmin Forerunner 35


  • Long lasting battery, lasts up to five days
  • Good looking band that feels great
  • Great apps and GPS works well


  • Doesn’t have a color display
  • Not very customizable

If you like to stay connected while you stay fit, the Garmin Forerunner 35 allows you to easily share your progress with an easy to use and stylish GPS running watch. Featuring Built-in GPS, you can quickly track how fast, how far, and where you have been without the need of a phone. It also offers a new high-resolution display and elevates wrist-based Heart rate that gives you the option to use the Forerunner 35 without a chest strap.

Garmin Forerunner 35

Doubling as an all-day activity tracker, you can count your steps and calories while staying receiving automatic uploads and smart notifications. With 24/7 heart rate monitoring, you can track your heart rate all night and day while receiving handy vibration alerts that notify you of activity tracking milestones and smart notifications. You will be motivated to meet your fitness goals with the convenient intervals and Sport profiles and useful features like the run/walk activity mode and auto pause and run/walk activity mode to take your running to the next level.

Swimming fitness trackers are a great way to keep track of your vital swimming statistics that will help you meet your goals and keep you motivated to train. Finding a watch that has the right waterproof rating and the ability to track specific swimming activities is key, otherwise, you will only be tracking your steps throughout the day. With all the different fitness tracker models on the market, you shouldn’t have a problem finding the right fitness tracker for swimming for you.

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